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Tire Lyna® Advantage


Tire Lyna is the only product that will work in all types of commercial tires both slow and hi-speed. In fact it is the only product that has passed all OEM tests done at Akron Rubber Laboratory.

Tire Lyna’s advanced technology is the only product in its class qualified as a ground up technology by the Scientific Research and Experimental Development of Canada (SRED). 

Tire Lyna will prevent air loss, continuously self balance wheel ends, prevent casing damage from heat and oxidation damage, seal 1/2" punctures in diameter in the tread area, stop bead, rim, vent and O-ring leaks and will not freeze.  Tire Lyna has the best operating temperature range between -58°F to 370° F.


Tire Lyna®

DOES NOT cause wheel or tire vibration

DOES NOT react against the tire's OEM components/properties

DOES NOT void tire manufacturer's warranty

DOES NOT deteriorate during the life of the tread

DOES NOT dry out or harden

DOES NOT "ball up into a lump"

DOES NOT block air valves

DOES NOT freeze (Operates between -58°F to 370° F)

DOES NOT use toxic glycols


  • Tire Lyna will not freeze and operates between -58°F to 370° F.
  • Tire Lyna will not cause wheel or tire vibration because Tire Lyna’s rheology and complex microstructure properties and mathematically calculated dosage form an even protective gel coating over the inner liner. Tire Lyna balances medium truck and motorcycle tires.  
  • Tire Lyna uses safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, advanced technological chemicals that do not react against the tire's OEM components.
  • Tire Lyna uses safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, advanced technological chemicals that will not void the tire manufacturer's warranty and will not cause retread chamber fires. 
  • Tire Lyna’s advanced technology will not deteriorate casing life.
  • Tire Lyna performs in extreme temperature variations (up to 370oF) and will not dry out or harden. 
  • Tire Lyna’s Nano sealing technology does not clog TPMS sensors.
  • Tire Lyna’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly chemicals are easily washed out with water.
  • Tire Lyna is used a preventative maintenance product and a for flat tire repair.
  • Tire Lyna is solvent free and non-flammable and will not cause a fire in the retread chamber. Test results…
  • Tire Lyna has a flash point of 789 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tire Lyna's advanced rust inhibitors prevent rim rust and corrosion. 
  • Tire Lyna forms an even protective gel coating that makes it very easy to perform a section repair. 
  • Tire Lyna does not consist of polyethylene chips, crushed rubber, latex or silicon and will not ball-up or harden during operation.  
  • Tire Lyna’s advanced technology has been approved and passed by various retread processes. 
  • Tire Lyna’s sealed punctures are easily found during the retread pre-inspection process.
  • Tire Lyna uses a combination of Nano technology fillers with ferrous and non-ferrous high performance rust inhibitors to protect steel belts and other metals inside the tire casing preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Tire Lyna will not allow moisture to enter through a sealed nail in the tread area.


Tire Lyna is used in all types of tires: Long haul, Short haul, Local delivery, Delivery/Courier trucks and vans, Logging trucks, Bus/Coach, Motor-homes and R.V's (including 5th wheel), Tow trucks, Tow trailers, Loaders, Skid steers, Graders, Backhoes, Mining equipment, Logging equipment, Agriculture equipment, Forklifts, Construction equipment, Cranes, Tractors, Lawn and Garden equipment, ATV's, Golf carts, Motorcycles & Bicycles.


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