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About Us

After two years of testing other tire sealants that did not meet their objectives, In 1996 Lyna manufacturing Incorporated and Founder/President Mr. Noorez Devraj decided to develop a "ground up" new technology/chemistry to create an advanced tire casing care and tire sealant product designed to meet new rheological and high performance sealing criteria.

It was concluded earlier in the development phase that no modification to existing available tire sealant chemistry would be used. We must develop a ground up formulation that will work on a variety of tire types, all of which are characterized by varying operating conditions and physical parameters. No other tire sealant technology operates between -58°F to 370°F (-50°C to 188°C) and self-balances and self seals punctures up to ½” in diameter in both high speed and low speed tires.

We knew that it could be enthralling but would require patience, determination and tenacity. One of the lead engineer was Dr. Ken Pinder, who passed away peacefully in 2009. May GOD rest his soul in eternal peace.



Noorez Devraj